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I didn’t want to spoil anything before I started watching #TedLasso so I didn’t do my typical research, which now means I am in despair after bingeing the first season and finding out that it only releases new episodes once per week.

"Healing can look very different for different people. Meditation, therapy, reiki...there are lots of ways to take care of yourself." @hellodrjoy @SalesforceEQ #RepresentationMatters

"There is someone waiting on what you are hesitating on." - @hellodrjoy bringing a whole word!! #RepMatters2021

If you've put your dreams on hold, remember that "There’s somebody waiting on the thing you are hesitating on giving."

@hellodrjoy reminding us to "think of the people we are called to be in service too."

@AllyLegend beautifully moderated this conversation 🤎

#RepMatters2021 https://twitter.com/BoldForce/status/1415690260550406146

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