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Thank you @therapy4bgirls for the invitation to chat about navigating academia as a Black woman. It was fun to be in community with the brilliant @DellaVMosley. What an honor! #TBGInSession

Listen in at

Therapy for Black Girls @therapy4bgirls

Happy Wednesday y’all! This week @HelenNeville12 & @DellaVMosley join us to chat about Black women entering and exiting academia. Check it out at #TBGInSession #PodsInColor

This ep was EVERYTHING! HIGHLY recommend for any dept, program, org, institution. Goes in depth on the experiences of Black women in workplaces incl why they leave.
Listening to Session 254: Black Women In the Workplace by @therapy4bgirls on @PandoraMusic

Happy Wednesday y’all! @hellodrjoy’s group chat is back this week for a conversation about how mental health terminology is often misused and how we might be more mindful. Check it out at #TBGInSession #PodsInColor

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