Does the race of your therapist matter?

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, the racial reckoning playing out in the streets and a political atmosphere that seems on the verge of tearing our country apart, it makes sense that commercials for meditation apps and virtual counseling services are becoming ubiquitous....

Neglecting Yourself Doesn’t Make You a Better Mother

Before even becoming a parent, I was conditioned to believe that good mothers always put themselves dead last. At a college reunion years ago, I complimented a former classmate, a mother of three, on how strong she looked. She shrugged it off: “Oh, that’s because I...

Black women and the effects of stigma, race and the pandemic: ‘There aren’t enough therapists to meet the need’

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford Licensed psychologist and founder of Therapy for Black Girls, an online community aimed at eliminating mental health stigma, providing resources and finding ways to discuss mental health that are relatable and accessible.  Tell us...

Does the race of your therapist matter?

NBC News

Shawna Thomas, a content development executive for Quibi, shares her experience looking for a therapist in the middle of COVID-19 and a fight for racial justice. Experts also share a few questions to evaluate your potential therapist.

Mental Health: Elevating Voices to Fight Stigma and Build Trust

Everyday Health

 In our second year of #BlackHealthFacts, which we launched on Juneteenth 2020, we examine these issues to raise awareness and help influence change.

Neglecting Yourself Doesn’t Make You a Better Mother

New York Times

Showering and eating regularly can be a form of self-care.

Why Finding a Therapist Can Be Especially Hard for Black Women

O Magazine

A look at how racial bias affects mental health treatment and glimmers of hope from the people who are working to change that.

8 Mental Health Resources for Queer & Trans POC


Healing is our birthright, and if we can’t claim it in times of unrest and chaos, when will we ever make the time?

4 Self-Care Tips for People of Color After Charlottesville

Teen Vogue

Joy Harden Bradford, PhD, a psychologist and the creator of Therapy for Black Girls, explains the impact of being online during heightened times of violence

How Do You Know If You Should Break Up With Someone? 13 Signs It's Time To Call It Quits


I asked 13 relationship experts that question, and they all had slightly different takes on the question.

Therapy For Black Girls Directory Helps Women Of Color Find Therapists In Their Area & This Is Why It’s So Necessary


Dr. Joy, as she is known professionally, created the directory after realizing there was a need for it in the Black community.

9 Women In Wellness To Know About For Women’s History Month 2019


It’s also the perfect time to highlight the work of women who are killing it right now in their chosen fields, including women who are redefining the wellness industry.

Not over an Ex? Call in a Breakup Coach

Washington Post

Joy Harden Bradford, a breakup coach and licensed therapist in Atlanta, says breakups can be especially hard on women in their 30s who expected to marry their ex and to start a family but who now find themselves unexpectedly single again.

Shattering the Myth of the “Mad” Black Woman


I spoke with Dr. Walker, Dr. Henry and Dr. Joy Harden Bradford whether our ideas about Black women being angry as opposed to being depressed are steeped in how our community views mental illness or how we dismiss anything Black women seem to feel as anger.

Meet Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, The Therapy for Black Girls Founder Creating A Unique Space for Self-Care

Nia Magazine

It’s also the perfect time to highlight the work of women who are killing it right now in their chosen fields, including women who are redefining the wellness industry.

How Relying On Your Group Chat For Dating Advice Could Be Ruining Your Relationship


Being a part of a lit group chat has lots of perks, but there can be cons too: those self-proclaimed relationship gurus who just can’t wait to give you advice on how to handle dating or relationship troubles.

You Think You Need You Closure After A Breakup, Sis? A Psychologist Says Think Again


Breakups are hard, especially when you feel the need to reach out to your former flame to get the final say after the relationship has ended. 

Why You Must Forgive Yourself For Staying In the Wrong Relationship Longer Than You Should Have


Sometimes the relationship we’re in may not be abusive or toxic, but it still isn’t the right fit and doesn’t serve us well, and we begin to recognize that.

The 8 Most Overlooked Reasons Why Marriages Fail


While finances and communication have been cited as some of the most common causes for divorce, we asked the experts about the most overlooked reasons that marriages fail.

We Need To Talk About Black Women & Therapy


It’s no secret that, as common as mental health issues can be, sadly, not everyone gets the care that they need.

9 Reasons Therapy Can Be Helpful For Anyone


Dr. Bradford says that therapy can be a great way to work through breakups and communication problems.

What To Think About Before Choosing To Stay With A Cheating Partner


It is possible to work through an affair and come out with a stronger, more stable relationship.

These Therapeutic Podcasts Will Help You De-Stress


While they’re not meant to be a substitute for therapy, they’ll hopefully help you feel a little less alone.

How To Handle Valentine's Day When You're In A Brand-New Relationship


Read on for their complete guide to Valentine’s Day for you and your brand-new bae.

Are You So Much In Love That It's Unhealthy? Signs That You and Your Lover Are A Little Too Close


Falling in love is a beautiful thing, but can too much of a good thing be bad for your relationship?

Why Michelle Williams' Statement About Her Mental Health Is So Important To Black Women


Living with a mental health disorder may be difficult, but for some people, taking the step to ask for help is even harder.

Help! My Mom Won’t Stop Asking When I’ll Get Married


You sure are taking your sweet time,” she said in her southern drawl. I was 26.

5 Ways To Keep Your Social Feeds From Destroying Your Mental Health


Logging off isn’t always possible, but boundaries can help. 

Shattering The Stigma: “Therapy For Black Girls” Serves As A Resource To Specifically Meet The Needs Of Women Of Color


Voluntarily seeking outside help in the form of a family therapist or counselor was often unheard of in the black community, until recently.

The Boss Girl’s Guide to Therapy

XO Necole

When it come to mental health, there is no shortcut.

Doing The Work Helped This Podcaster Surpass 2.5 Million Downloads

Xo Necole

The Evolution Of Dr. Joy

WTF Is Going On These Days With Millennial Women And Work Anxiety?


It’s even worse than you might realize.

We Need to Address the Mental-Health-Care Imbalance for Students of Color

The Nation

Campus mental-health care is already inaccessible and often not attuned to students’ needs—add to that systemic oppression, and feeling better seems impossible.

A Text From An Ex Can Ruin Your Whole Day — A Psychologist Explains Why

Elite Daily

But no matter what, you might feel shaken up, and the message might leave you wondering why a few simple words from your ex can throw you so off balance. What gives?

Should You Respond If Your Ex Texts You? An Expert Weighs In

Elite Daily

Getting a text from your ex can really throw your whole day off, and if it does, try to be gentle with yourself.

Imposter Syndrome Comes In 5 Different Forms

Women’s Health

Here, experts weigh in on what having impostor syndrome really means, and how to get over it for good.

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